Daniel Libby AMS 1007

We use the most current specialized equipment in the surveying field.

We specialize in non-destructive testing.

Let us survey your next boat before you purchase.
Or contact us for a consultation before purchasing.

Our services are available in: Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky (will travel further under special circumstances)

The result of your survey will be a comprehensive book about your vessel. Excellent for future reference and a must for insuring and resale.

Why have a survey?

The concept of owning a boat is to have fun and relax. Your family and friends are along for a day in the sun, you might be fishing for the afternoon or on an extended cruise to your favorite island get-away.

The last thing you want is a problem. Small problems turn into bigger problems in a very short time.

What started out as a concern is now remedied by a call to a towboat at a cost that we don’t want to discuss. Worse yet, things went really bad quickly and you are taking on water at an alarming rate. Things happen no matter how prepared you are although, statistically most accidents are preventable. “If I had only known” or “I was going to fix that at the end of the season” are commonly heard. No one intends for bad thing to happen. A simple survey could save you and your boat from devastating results.

It’s your money:
The cost of a boat, be it new or used, sail or power, big or small, is one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. You know you want a boat, that process has already been well thought out and your decision has been made. It does not matter if you are a first-time owner or a seasoned sailor, your decision needs to be right the first time. The cost of a pre-purchase survey is a minute fraction of the cost of a vessel. Once you have signed the papers, that boat is yours to keep, all problems and hazards included. Make your investment with the piece of mind that the vessel is a secure purchase.